The focus is on the future at Carlton and it’s approaching that time of the year where the bottom clubs have to go over their list. They have to decide who to keep and who to cut. Carlton has created its own list depth issues due to poor drafting, now finding itself in a situation with an ageing list and a serious lack of depth in certain positions on the ground.

Carlton has already made three list changes with Nick Duigan and Heath Scotland retiring, while Josh Bootsma was sacked. Expect them to make up to four more changes depending on draft picks and trade arrangements. Here are 11 players whose futures are up in the air.

Mitch Robinson
Robinson is currently out of contract and sitting on the sidelines due to an eye injury sustained in a brawl at 5am. This is certainly not the first time Robinson has found himself in this sort of trouble, and his on field ability isn’t close to good enough to let him get away with these incidents. Carlton should look to trade him and if they can’t find a home they should move on from the Tasmanian.
Status in 2015: Not at Carlton.

Jeff Garlett
After three years as one of the best crumbing forwards in the competition, Garlett has completely fallen off the radar in 2014. Garlett has only managed nine games this year and was also involved in the brawl with Mitch Robinson. Garlett has to get his mind right and decide if he can continue to keep up with the demands of AFL football. If he does, he’s proven that he’s worth keeping around.
Status in 2015: Up to him. If he wants to stick around, Carlton would be stupid to delist him.

Jarrad Waite
Since returning to the side, Waite has proven his worth. He has never been a consistent player and injury has held him back his entire career. However, he has proven that he can still dominate a game and with Carlton’s serious lack of depth in the key position department, getting rid of Waite would be foolish. If he chooses to leave via free agency, that’s another story.
Status in 2015: One year contract with the option of a second if he gets through 2015.

Matthew Watson
Watson will most likely remain at the Blues in 2015 as he’s contracted for one more year. In his few appearances this year, he has looked lost at AFL level. He has taken a backwards step in his development as a key defender and is now being played as a forward in the VFL. He got his opportunity in round 23 against Essendon and took it with both hands kicking four goals. Whether he can become a reliable option in 2015 remains to be seen. His future at the club, beyond 2015 looks in doubt for someone who was drafted with so much promise.
Status in 2015: Trade bait/One last chance to make it.

Dennis Armfield
Armfield is in a similar position to Watson, contracted to the end of 2015 and likely to be kept around as depth for one last season. It’s hard to see Armfield redeveloping his game to warrant keeping him around beyond 2015, given he has already been tried as a small defender, crumbing forward, wingman and a tagger and still can’t lock down a position in Carlton’s best 25.
Status in 2015: List depth.

Kane Lucas
Another first round draft pick who has spent most of the year in the VFL. Lucas and Carlton just haven’t clicked together and he hasn’t been able to perform at AFL level often enough to justify keeping around. It seems likely that the West Australian will return home or try his luck elsewhere. One thing is certain: his future isn’t at Carlton.
Status in 2015: Not at Carlton.

Brock McLean
The veteran worked his way into the Carlton senior side in 2012 and has taken his opportunities since. However, his 2014 has been ordinary and he is certainly not in Carlton’s plans for the future: with the likes of Nick Graham, Patrick Cripps and Sam Docherty coming through, there isn’t a place for McLean in 2015. Carlton should make the tough decision and tell him that he needs to look elsewhere.
Status in 2015: Not at Carlton.

David Ellard
Ellard has had a lot of bad luck. Every time he seems to put a string of games together, he finds a way to get injured. He has played 53 games since being drafted in 2008 and is currently out of contract. Despite inaccuracy in front of goal in his last handful of matches, Ellard has shown signs that he’d be worth keeping around and Mick seems to be a fan of his. At this stage, it’s probably even money in terms of Ellard getting a new contract.
Status in 2015: Worth one more year – it’s either him or McLean.

Tom Temay
Temay was drafted with pick 35 in 2012 and is yet to debut. He had a poor 2013, even being dropped to the VFL reserves late in the season. 2014 hasn’t been much better for Temay, who has been unable to put together a string of good games in the VFL. His spot in 2015 depends on the draft picks Carlton have and if it’s worth giving him another year or starting fresh with someone else.
Status in 2015: Delisted.

Cameron Wood
Wood made his debut for Carlton against North Melbourne and has since kept Robbie Warnock in the VFL. With Matthew Kreuzer fit and ready to go for 2015, Wood won’t be Carlton’s number one ruckman but he is capable depth and will remain on Carlton’s rookie list in 2015.
Status: Not going anywhere.

Jaryd Cachia
Cachia is out of contract and has been on Carlton’s rookie list for a couple of years now. He hasn’t played a game in 2014 after being used as a tagger quite successfully last year. He has had injury issues in the last month which certainly hasn’t helped his cause, with suggestions he was close to a recall before undergoing shoulder surgery. Cachia will probably go the way of many rookies in the AFL: Carlton will want to rejuvenate their list, and Cachia doesn’t appear to be part of their plans.
Status: Delisted

Carlton will also need to get the signatures of Levi Casboult and Nick Graham, who remain out of contract. They have turned over roughly half their list in the last two years and the signs are there that the likes of Troy Menzel, Dylan Buckley, Lachie Henderson, Sam Docherty and Patrick Cripps can carry the next wave of Carlton players into the future.