Port Adelaide has sunk to an unforeseeable low, following their shock loss to the Giants. Port’s Coach Matthew Primus is now somewhat uneasy on whether he will keep his job, essentially conceding the matter is out of his hands.

Although Port has been relatively competitive in most games this year, the loss to the Giants has essentially wiped out all improvement shown. Former Port Adelaide captain Warren Tredrea has asked for an inquest into the footy club to see what exactly has gone wrong. Perhaps this is an overreaction from Tredrea, but he does have a point. Port has potentially the worst list in the league, with only a few players consistently playing not only for themselves, but for the coach and the club.

A list analysis certainly needs to be done. Port needs to truly asses their deficiencies to move forward.

So who is Safe? The obvious names that come to mind are Travis Boak (although he may want to leave), Matthew Broadbent, John Butcher, Alipate Carlisle, Troy Chaplin, Brad Ebert, Robbie Grey, Hamish Hartlett, Danyle Pearce, Jarrad Redden, Jay Schultz and Jackson Trengove.

Who is getting on? Dom Cassisi, Kane Cornes, Brett Ebert and David Rodan.

Which kids show some promise? Mitch Banner, Ben Jacobs, Chad Wingard, Tom Jonas, Jasper Pittard, Daniel Stewart and Paul Stewart.

The biggest improvement needs to come from the likes of John McCarthy, Matthew Lobbe, Brent Renouf and Steven Salopek.

If one thing’s for sure, Port would benefit from moving on Tom Logan, Nick Salter, Jacob Surjan, Matt Thomas and Justin Westhoff.

One positive when looking at the safe list is that key posts are locked down, however a real lack of foot skills (aside from Hartlett) is a key concern. There aren’t that many old players left on the list, which is quite a positive for a club that has been rebuilding.

Negatives are aplenty. There are simply too many players who get regular games, but just don’t do enough to warrant them. Far too many role player types, who at most clubs would purely be depth. Port needs to work hard for free agents and trade in seriously talented players. Conversely, they could trade to upgrade their picks and bank on the supposed ‘super draft’ to land two or three seriously good youngsters.

There are plenty of unproven players on their list. Before this year is over, at least two or three really need to step up to prove this year was actually worth it.

Port is by no means at rock bottom. What is needed is a real step up in effort over the next few weeks to regain confidence and potentially save Matthew Primus’ job.