Trade period and free agency may have well and truly passed us now, but with it going leaves a new stage of the off-season; delisted free agency.

The period, lasting from November 1 to November 13 and the first of three, encapsulates a time frame in which players cut by clubs are free to receive and accept offers from other clubs for their services.

As long as it was the club who initiated the departure – a situation such as Liam Jurrah’s in which he departed the club himself does not count – then that player falls under the same scenario s an unrestricted free agent.

The same applies for rookie-listed players, unless they denied a second year on the rookie list.

A player like Jurrah may only move now through the draft, whether it be the National, Rookie or Pre-Season, and as such is not guaranteed to end up at his club of choice.

A couple of other Demon forwards, in Ricky Petterd and Matthew Bate may do so, however, as delisted free agents. Petterd may toy with a move back to Queensland – Brisbane may look to fill a medium forward gap – while Bate offers experience and a strong marking target to a club such as the Western Bulldogs, a club that has previously shown interest.

Kirk Ugle was also cut by Collingwood and showed enough promise to fill a small forward void elsewhere if need be.

The Bulldogs have room to move with many players receiving the chop, most notably Justin Sherman, who parted ways with the club. He forms part of a talented and proven group of midfielders such as Andrew Collins, Sam Lonergan, Brad Symes and Mitch Banner who all could find themselves at new homes.

All of those players are experienced enough and could comfortably slot well into a role at a younger team as a hardened body, or even as impressive depth for a premiership contender.

Another name in the mix is Michael Osborne. Although his delistment comes as a part of a required list turnover from Hawthorn and looks to be selected by them in the Pre-Season Draft, his name is in the bag if he wants to play with the idea.

Also noteworthy is the spread of tall defenders available for a team lacking height down back, such as St Kilda or Gold Coast.

Bret Thornton, Tom Gillies, Michael Coad, Jayden Post and Paul Bower all offer their own specialities and variety as defenders – Coad perhaps the most interesting as someone who performed well for the Suns as a defender – and can at least improve the depth of a team needing someone else handling opposition tall forwards.

Jacob Surjan could play the same role, but on small forwards. Surjan was a surprise delistee from Port Adelaide and offers senior leadership as a former vice-captain and also effective negator, with genuine small defenders a rarity nowadays. He could slot into most teams’ back six.

On the other end of the spectrum comes a few rucks, two of them delisted by Collingwood; Cameron Wood and Jon Ceglar were not offered a 2013 contract.

The Pies were keen on securing both of their services at first, which makes their delistment intriguing, and it’s likely that a team such as North Melbourne or Richmond, which lack depth in their ruck stocks, could target one of them.

Orren Stephenson may also be on a few radars as someone who can slot into the side when a first ruck goes down.

With over 100 candidates eligible – Michael Ross, Brendan Lee, Luke Rounds, Lucas Cook, Brad Symes, Josh Toy and Ben McKinley making up some of those numbers – there’s no doubt that teams will be keeping an eye right on the movements.

At the essential cost of a low salary and one less pick for use in the National Draft, it offers a risk-free approach to fill out a team’s list.

With enough quality on offer, there’s no doubt that there will be some player transitions throughout the period, and just which players and teams do make a move will be interesting to see.