There’s one more bye round remaining, and it looks as though it’s going to be the worst yet. Midfield and defensive lines are going to be decimated, with some of the best premiums in the game out this week. Getting 18 players on the field is going to be a challenge, so if it’s possible, a rise up the rankings should be coming.

Joel Selwood (Midfielder)

Games: 11

Bye: Round 12

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $430,600/$492,800

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 96.5/107.2

Fantasy/SuperCoach breakeven: 68/94

Joel Selwood’s numbers this season have been disappointing, considering his potential output. This has resulted in his price plummeting to a level that makes him almost too good to refuse. It’s hard to tell if his performance against GWS was a turning point, or just inflated due to the opponent. If he can match his previous best average of 109 in Fantasy and 117 in SuperCoach for the second half of the season, then he becomes one of the bargain buys of the year.

Joe Daniher (Forward)

Games: 2

Bye: Round 13

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $143,200/$154,500

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 72/76.5

Fantasy/SuperCoach breakeven: -50/-58

The complete lack of quality downgrade options in the forward line may force you to trade Joe Daniher in this week, despite Essendon having the bye. Daniher has been quite impressive for a tall forward in just his first season at AFL level with a healthy average of just over 70 in both competitions. If you are looking at offloading at Brent Macaffer or Sam Dwyer, Daniher is by far the best option or a downgrade.

Dustin Martin (Forward/Midfielder)

Games: 9

Bye: Round 11

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $459,000/$506,400

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 98.8/106.3

Fantasy/SuperCoach breakeven: 106/119

Dustin Martin is finally delivering on his potential, playing on a much more consistent basis. His average has increased 15 points in Fantasy and 18 points in SuperCoach from 2012, a substantial improvement since last year. His price is quite low compared to his yearly average, due to a quiet two weeks in rounds nine and 10. If you’re looking to save a bit of money on an upgrade, Martin is the player to go for.

Jaeger O’Meara (Midfielder)

Games: 12

Bye: Round 13

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $408,100/$424,600

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 88.8/90.9

Fantasy/SuperCoach breakeven: 74/56

It really is a 50/50 situation here. With the popularity of the round 13 premiums, Jaeger O’Meara might have to make way in order to get an extra player on the field this week. His scoring is extremely good for a rookie as shown on Saturday night, collecting 30 disposals against Essendon. His break-even is also low, so his price should go up even further in the coming weeks.  Considering his price, a downgrade to Tom Mitchell will net you a whopping $300,000, enough to upgrade another rookie in one trade. Mitchell’s scoring looks just as good as O’Meara’s, so you’ll still have a handy midfielder in your side if you decide to pull the trigger. Upgrading O’Meara will only cost you around $100,000, so this move should be easy to make if it is necessary.

Brent Macaffer (Forward)

Games: 11

Bye: Round 13

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $369,300/$355,300

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 71.8/65.5

Fantasy/SuperCoach breakeven: 84/91

Brent Macaffer was performing very well the previous three weeks, averaging 89.3 in SuperCoach and 96 in Fantasy. His score on Sunday night was extremely disappointing considering his recent form, scoring just 57 in Fantasy and 39 in SuperCoach. With Collingwood having the bye this week – and his break-even soaring – trading out Macaffer has to be considered. It may depend on how many premiums you already have in your forward line. If your forward line already has six premiums, downgrading him to Daniher or leaving him completely would be the better options to take.

Brad Crouch (Midfielder)

Games: 4

Bye: Round 13

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $218,800/$211,600

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 71.2/66

Fantasy/SuperCoach breakeven: -16/2

Those who have kept Brad Crouch since his hamstring injury before round five must be pulling their hair out. It was originally declared he’d miss two to three weeks. He ended up missing seven, and was dropped after a sub-par performance against the Swans. Considering the poor form of a number of Crows players, Crouch may get a recall in two weeks’ time against the Suns. However, the uncertainty on his job security, and his absence this week due to the bye, will see him as a prime candidate to be offloaded. If you haven’t got Tom Mitchell yet, jump on.