Two games into the season and already we have questions to ponder in fantasy football. The first two games produced some very interesting scores, both at different ends of the spectrum. As a fantasy coach, it’s easy to lose faith or become enticed by a particular player after just a couple of games. However, what is required is to not make snap decisions based on emotional responses.

There were five players, all from the western derby, that make you ponder how and whether you should get them into your squad in the next couple of rounds. If you feel like making a trade, waiting a few rounds is recommended, as you’ll have a greater sample size to look at and less risk involved.


Nick Suban (defender)
Round 1 Fantasy/SuperCoach scores – 97/120
Fantasy/SuperCoach prices – $264,500/$276,400
Nick Suban had the best price to points ratio on the weekend, scoring well above his 2012 average. However, it will be tricky to squeeze him into your squad due to his awkward price. His price is too high to upgrade from a rookie so your only option is to trade out one of your premiums if he becomes a priority. You’ve selected your premiums for a reason so tread carefully if you are considering him for a trade.

Josh J. Kennedy (forward)
Round 1 Fantasy/SuperCoach scores – 99/109
Fantasy/SuperCoach prices – $272,300/$299,600
The most hyped-up mid-pricer this season, Josh J. Kennedy certainly delivered on his expectations. He looked extremely impressive, taking some strong marks and also finding a lot of the ball for a big man. With a lot of coaches taking a punt on Patrick Karnezis, a simple trade across to Kennedy can be done if Karnezis fails to fire.

Danyle Pearce (defender/midfielder)
Round 1 Fantasy/SuperCoach scores – 99/130
Fantasy/SuperCoach prices – $376,900/$458,800
Danyle Pearce made an excellent debut for his new club and really made fantasy footy coaches sit up and take notice. His SuperCoach ratio is very positive, making him a good prospect for that competition. The size of Subiaco should suit Pearce’s running game which makes his opening game look more than just anomaly. Bringing him in for Jack Watts, Dyson Heppell or Paul Duffield are options you could consider.

Michael Barlow (midfielder)
Round 1 Fantasy/SuperCoach scores – 126/144
Fantasy/SuperCoach prices – $495,300/$509,500
Kudos if you selected Michael Barlow in your fantasy teams. Barlow returned to his 2011 form with a dominant display, sharing the Ross Glendinning medal with David Mundy. Priced just below premium status, Barlow proved he could become one of the best selections in fantasy football this year. He’s great value for his potential but squeezing him into your team now that the season has started will be difficult.

David Mundy (midfielder)
Round 1 Fantasy/SuperCoach scores – 117/126
Fantasy/SuperCoach prices – $451,800/$477,300
David Mundy presents great value as a sub premium in your midfield. He collected 27 disposals and had an incredible 10 tackles. Like Barlow, trading out a premium appears your only option to get him into your fantasy teams.


However, it’s important to stick by your premiums in most situations, especially in your midfield. It’s unlikely they’ll suffer any drastic drop in form over the course of the season. As you’ll intend to keep your premiums for the majority or the whole of the season, price rises and drops become irrelevant. Three of the more popular premiums in the competition failed to deliver in the opening round of the season.


Dyson Heppell (defender/midfielder)
Round 1 Fantasy/SuperCoach scores – 76/73
Fantasy/SuperCoach prices – $439,000/$450,000
Dyson Heppell started off like a house on fire, scoring 37 Fantasy points in the first quarter before finishing the game off in disappointing fashion. This shouldn’t be of any concern to his owners though; Heppell averaged 85.2 last year in Fantasy and yet he had nine games where he scored below 80 points. His SuperCoach ratio wasn’t great so monitor this in the next couple of rounds.

Patrick Dangerfield (midfielder)
Round 1 Fantasy/SuperCoach scores – 51/63
Fantasy/SuperCoach prices – $525,100/$636,00
The biggest disappointment for the game was Patrick Dangerfield, who played arguably his worst match in over a year. Heath Hocking did an excellent job tagging Dangerfield out of the game. Whilst this would have been extremely frustrating for coaches, you need to back in players like Dangerfield. You don’t lose your talent and ability in one season and he still should be inside the top 10 ranked players for the year, especially in SuperCoach. Rage trading players out after one game is a seriously risky move, especially when they’ve proven themselves in the past.

Patrick Ryder (ruckman/forward)
Round 1 Fantasy/SuperCoach scores – 45/54
Fantasy/SuperCoach prices – $465,100/$564,300
Despite a promising pre-season, Patrick Ryder collected just four disposals and didn’t register a goal for the entire match, causing his owners to doubt whether he can go to another level in 2013. Ruckmen can be volatile with their scoring so again, be cautious when approaching a possible trade. One game doesn’t equal an entire season.