Ricky Nixon has announced that his online football recruiting business, myFootyAgent, will launch on July 1.

The agency is designed to help teams find footballers and vice versa using state-of-the-art search engine technology, which allows clubs to find players by searching for what they need.

For example, if a club was looking for a ruckman, they would simply have to search for ruckmen in the myFootyAgent database, then all players categorised as ruckmen that have signed up to the agency will be shown.

Nixon believes this will help spread talent across leagues, especially in clubs that can’t put resources into recruiting on their own.

“So what it’s doing is allowing clubs, particularly country clubs and the clubs that aren’t perhaps in the major leagues around Australia, access to players they didn’t have access to before.

“That’s all part of trying to develop a better competitive strategy across Australia, where clubs previously didn’t have access to recruiting because they didn’t have enough money or whatever else and now are able to compete with the bigger boys,” Nixon said.

Nixon’s new agency has already been successful in helping clubs find footballers and is now about to launch nationwide.

myFootyAgent has a number of regional managers covering different areas of every state in Australia in order to allow as many players to sign up as possible, to make it mutually beneficial for players and clubs.

He explains that myFootyAgent will be able to get players into the right clubs to help them develop.

“What our business can do is give players, who maybe have made a mistake, or not living the right lifestyle, or at the wrong football environment, a chance to have a crack at a higher level,” Nixon said.

“It allows every player to at least follow their dream and now have a pathway to potentially VFL or AFL careers if they’re at that level.”

Nixon has already been contacted by an entire football league looking to implement the myFootyAgent system for all the clubs in their league, in order to bring better players to the competition and help the development of the players already in their system.

“The league said that they would pay for a membership of all the clubs in their league so that no club was disadvantaged,” he said.

Nixon says that to this stage, he has found that most players he has spoken to seem to want to either find work or improve their football skills, rather than focusing on monetary gain, however, he states that players are still entitled to that.

“I’m not going to shy away from a player who kicked 100 goals in the Sydney Premier League last year and wants to come to Melbourne, and he wants the best contract he can get, that’s been going on since 1921.”

A number of former AFL players have signed up to be a part of the agency, including former Collingwood players Brodie Holland and Cameron Cloke, as well as Campbell Brown and Matthew Warnock.