As Port Adelaide is still without a permanent senior coach for 2013, Scott Burns has appeared to be a possible candidate for the vacant position.

If Port Adelaide is to move forward, it is going to have to chase someone like Scott Burns or Nathan Bassett as its coach and not go after Rodney Eade, Terry Wallace or former coach Mark Williams as some rumours would suggest.

Terry Wallace has said he wants to look at coaching again, and would toss his name into the hat for the job, while the panel members from AFL 360 have tried hard to talk Rodney Eade into applying for the job.

Eade appeared to be uncommitted to discussing the possibility, suggesting he was happy at Collingwood but hasn’t ruled out coaching again.

With Kevin Sheedy now confirmed to be coaching GWS, it will cast more speculation on the future of the Giants’ assistant coach Mark Williams, who may look to coach again with a hope of the Giants job in 2014.

However, bringing back Mark Williams would be another giant leap backwards for the Power, as he probably isn’t the right man to fix the club’s situation.

The only other choice out there would be Mick Malthouse as far as unemployed coaches go. In the past, Malthouse has said he wouldn’t coach outside of Victoria and most have linked him to the Carlton job if Brett Ratten is sacked.

As far as untried coaches goes, there is Scott Burns who is the assistant coach West Coast. He was an applicant for the Western Bulldogs job in late 2011 but later withdrew his application, citing the desire not to return to Melbourne.

Port Adelaide player Brett Ebert has already backed Burns as a future coach of the club, and there was talk he was offered the Adelaide job last season, only to reject it due to uncertainty.

Norwood coach Nathan Bassett is also an option for Port. He’s already living in South Australia and he’s said to be leaving Norwood to attempt joining the AFL ranks. One report has linked him with a move to Hawthorn as an assistant.

The last option is Ken Hinkley, who has applied for a few of the vacant jobs in the past but has been overlooked. The assistant at the Suns has had many rate him highly and believe he would make an excellent senior coach.

It’s likely that the future of Travis Boak will depend on who Port Adelaide hire as its next coach, with clubs circling around the Power like vultures waiting for the season to conclude. The Power will need to make sure that the board hires the right man this time.

Scott Burns should be made the next Power coach, and given the time to transform a list that has shown that there are players that need to be moved on, the sooner the better.

If Port Adelaide went and got Williams, Eade or even the long shot Wallace, it’s almost certain that there will be little progress for the Power.