Former AFL player agent Ricky Nixon has made a return to player management by launching a new online business this past Monday night.

‘myFootyAgent’ is an online recruitment website that uses a cutting-edge search engine, dating technology from America to help clubs recruit from a nationwide talent pool.

For a small membership fee, clubs will be able to easily access players like never before, adding a new dimension to their overall recruiting efforts.

For example, if Golden Square Football Club in Bendigo types in ‘full-forward, 23 to 26 years old, match payments $250 to $350’, every player profile matching that criteria would appear.

Players will be able to create a free profile that effectively markets themselves to prospective clubs by highlighting their details, including video highlights or employment needs.

Nixon said players will now control which leagues or states are able to view their profile, which he believes can only be a good thing.

“Personally, I’m looking at an industry that is unorganised. I believe myFootyAgent will be able to help players make an informed decision on where they play next,” Nixon said.

With the AFL National Draft having concluded for 2014, Nixon said he was hopeful kids who weren’t drafted would sign up to myFootyAgent.

“I know the rookie draft isn’t too far away, but I think myFootyAgent would be a good alternative for players who don’t get drafted to see if they can get an opportunity somewhere else,” he said.

myFootyAgent has already had some success during its pre-launch phase, with key forward Brayden Fowler now signing with VFL club Frankston.

“He’s a 200 cm key forward who previously played in the TAC Cup and VFL, and played at Manly-Warringah Giants this year kicking 82 goals at senior level,” he said.

“Through myFootyAgent he was able to get an opportunity at one of the bigger VFL clubs and has now given himself a chance of perhaps one day being drafted.”

Nixon said he wasn’t looking to cause a spike in salaries at local level, but wanted to help local clubs and players broaden their options nationwide.

For more information, visit www.myfootyagent.com or follow myFootyAgent on Facebook.