With Essendon stripped of their first and second round draft picks for the 2013 and 2014 drafts, the club will have to look at ways in which they can secure some extra talent to help them finish in the top four next year. The Bombers are blessed with having a plethora of key position players, who would be in high demand elsewhere, as well as several speedy players who would undoubtedly attract interest too. Leveraging these players may help them trade their way back into the first few rounds of the draft.

Tom Bellchambers
With Patty Ryder as the preferred number one ruckman, and youngster Joe Daniher being groomed as his partner in crime, Bellchambers finds himself in an interesting position. He may continue to get game time at the Bombers to play as a third tall alongside both Ryder and Daniher; however, he will most certainly attract interest from other clubs. Given the development they’ve invested in him, the Bombers won’t want to give him up, but as they have a number of taller forwards he may be an avenue to the early rounds of the draft.

What could he command?
For a club like the Western Bulldogs, who are desperate for another tall forward/ruckman, Bellchambers could command a second round draft pick. In the draft order as it now stands, this would be around pick 37. Fremantle is also eager to secure the services of a tall forward, but would probably have to give up their early round two selection (around pick 31) for Essendon to be interested. With either of these picks, the Bombers would be able to secure a quality young midfielder or defender, or could use it to on-trade to another club for a mature player.

Stewart Crameri
Crameri was clearly Essendon’s best forward last season, and despite the fact that injuries have restricted him to just a handful of games in 2013, he clearly remains one of the club’s best forward options. This will make the club extremely reticent to trade him. Whether or not they do will depend on what Crameri is offered by rival clubs.

What could he command?
The Bulldogs have already offered Crameri a deal, believed to be about $400-500k a season over four years, according to the Herald Sun. If Crameri were to move to the Bulldogs, it is likely the Bulldogs would be willing to offer something in the vicinity of pick 22 to get the job done. This would be a coup for the Bombers, as pick 22 would elevate them right back into the first round of the draft, and into the position of being able to select some prime midfield talent.

Brisbane has also expressed interest in Crameri, although is apparently yet to formally offer him a deal. Brisbane’s exciting young list would be attractive to most players looking at moving there. Brisbane has the added benefit of having a number of young players who are looking to move back to their home states at season’s send. This includes young Victorian forward/midfielder Patrick Karnezis, who could bring some pace and goal smarts to Essendon. Brisbane’s pick 23/24 and Karnezis would certainly provide some food for thought for the Bombers.

Scott Gumbleton
Another tall forward who seems surplus to requirement, Gumbleton could command a price elsewhere. The injury-plagued forward has shown glimpses of talent, and if fit, could nail down the tall forward spot in another team. Given the Bombers have put so much effort into his development and have shown patience with his injury woes, they won’t be eager to let him go. However, if it means getting themselves back into the pointy end of the draft, it may be a worthwhile trade.

What could he command?
Again, the Bulldogs would appear to be interested in Gumbleton as a tall forward option. Given his injury woes, it is doubtful the Bulldogs would give up anything higher than their pick 37/38. However, this alone would be enough to get Essendon a decent pick in the draft. If the Bulldogs threw in a player to make the deal more attractive, Essendon will have something to ponder over the next few weeks.

Leroy Jetta/Alwyn Davey
Jetta and Davey are both small forwards who have shown flashes of brilliance, but have not shown their best on a consistent basis. In and out of the Essendon team, it would seem that a change of scenery might be the best thing to help them get the best out of their careers. Essendon has a number of other small forwards, including youngster Jackson Merrett, who are ahead of both Jetta and Davey in the pecking order.

What could they command?
Much of this will depend on which club would be interested, and there would be a number of them. Adelaide has Jason Porplyzia getting on, and could do with another zippy small forward to add some dash to their forward line, as could Brisbane, Melbourne, and to a lesser extent, West Coast. Either player would most likely command a third-round draft pick from any of these clubs.

Tayte Pears
Ever since the Essendon supplements scandal broke, there has been speculation that Pears is one player Essendon will look to trade to get itself back into the draft. With Michael Hurley, Michael Hibberd, Dustin Fletcher, and Jake Carlisle holding down the key defensive posts, Pears has been on the fringes of the team for a while.

What could he command?
There are no shortage of clubs in the market for a key defender, with St Kilda and North Melbourne chief amongst these. St Kilda will hold around picks 20 and 36 in this year’s draft, and could be interested in using either of those to secure the signature of an experienced key defender, especially since the club missed out on signing Eagles defender Mitch Brown at the end of last season. If the Saints were to give up pick 20, it would most likely require Essendon to throw in another player with Pears. Likewise, North Melbourne will hold around picks 25 and 42, and could be interested in using either of those to secure Pears.


  1. There is no way Essendon would accept pick 37 for Bellchambers, he is a young, very good ruckmen who can kick a goal. These are very rare.

    They wouldn’t want to lose him at all but if they did they’d demand a late first round or early second.

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