Free agency and trade period


Draft picks: 23, 46, 82, 100

In: Eddie Betts (Carlton), James Podsiadly (Geelong)

Out: Graham Johncock (retired), Bernie Vince (Melbourne)


Draft picks: 7, 22, 25, 28, 33, 34, 63, 81, 99

In: Jackson Paine (Collingwood), Trent West (Geelong)

Out: Callum Bartlett (delisted), Simon Black (retired), Sam Docherty (Carlton), Patrick Karnezis (Collingwood), Billy Longer (St Kilda), Niall McKeever (delisted), Richard Newell (delisted), Jared Polec (Port Adelaide), Stephen Wrigley (delisted), Elliot Yeo (West Coast)


Draft picks: 13, 39, 51, 69, 87

In: Sam Docherty (Brisbane), Andrejs Everitt (Sydney), Dale Thomas (Collingwood)

Out: Andrew Collins (delisted), Fraser Dale (delisted), Marcus Davies (delisted), Shaun Hampson (traded – Richmond), Aaron Joseph (delisted), Patrick McCarthy (delisted), Luke Mitchell (delisted), Rhys O’Keeffe (delisted),


Draft picks: 6, 10, 67, 85, 103

In: Taylor Adams (GWS), Patrick Karnezis (Brisbane), Jesse White (Sydney)

Out: Alan Didak (delisted), Michael Hartley (delisted), Ben Johnson (retired), Darren Jolly (delisted), Andrew Krakouer (delisted), Jackson Paine (Brisbane), Ben Richmond (delisted), Jordan Russell (delisted), Heath Shaw (GWS), Dale Thomas (Carlton)


Draft picks: 26, 55, 66, 102

In: Kurt Aylett (GWS), Shaun Edwards (GWS), Paul Chapman (Geelong)

Out: Luke Davis (delisted), Scott Gumbleton (Fremantle), David Hille (retired), Hal Hunter (delisted), Nathan Lovett-Murray (retired), Stewart Crameri (Western Bulldogs)


Draft picks: 17, 37, 58, 73, 91, 109

In: Scott Gumbleton (Essendon), Colin Sylvia (Melbourne)

Out: Jesse Crichton (delisted), Peter Faulks (delisted), Alex Forster (delisted), Alex Howson (delisted), Viv Michie (Melbourne), Jayden Pitt (retired), Haiden Schloithe (delisted)


Draft picks: 16, 36, 41, 54, 64, 72, 75, 84, 90, 108

In: Nil

Out: Ryan Bathie (delisted), Paul Chapman (Essendon), Joel Corey (retired), Cam Eardley (delisted), Josh Hunt (GWS), James Podsiadly (Adelaide), Trent West (Brisbane)


Draft picks: 5, 20, 27, 61, 79, 97

In: Third-round compensation pick for Josh Fraser (West Coast)

Out: Jacob Gillbee (delisted), Kyal Horsley (delisted), Liam Patrick (delisted), Maverick Weller (delisted), Joel Wilkinson (delisted)


Draft picks: 1, 2, 14, 29, 48, 76, 78, 93

In: Josh Hunt (Geelong), Shane Mumford (Sydney), Heath Shaw (Collingwood)

Out: Taylor Adams (Collingwood), Kurt Aylett (Essendon), Dean Brogan (retired), Josh Bruce (St Kilda), Chad Cornes (retired), Sam Darley (Western Bulldogs), Shaun Edwards (Essendon), Josh Growden (delisted), Setanta O’hAilpin (delisted), Joe Redfern (delisted), Bret Thornton (delisted), Dom Tyson (Melbourne), Gerard Ugle (delisted)


Draft picks: 24, 38, 56, 59, 74, 92, 110

In: Ben McEvoy (St Kilda)

Out: Max Bailey (retired), Xavier Ellis (West Coast), Brent Guerra (retired), Michael Osborne (retired), Shane Savage (St Kilda)


Draft picks: 9, 40, 57, 94

In: Viv Michie (Fremantle), Dom Tyson (GWS Giants), Bernie Vince (Adelaide)

Out: Tom Couch (delisted), Troy Davis (delisted), Aaron Davey (retired), Tom Gillies (delisted), Joel Macdonald (retired), David Rodan (retired), James Sellar (delisted), Colin Sylvia (Fremantle), Josh Tynan (delisted)


Draft picks: 8, 30, 47, 65, 77, 83, 101

In: Nick Dal Santo (St Kilda)

Out: Luke Delaney (St Kilda), Cameron Richardson (delisted), Ben Speight (delisted)


Draft picks: 21, 45, 52, 70, 88, 106

In: Jared Polec (Brisbane), Matt White (Richmond)

Out: Nathan Blee (delisted), Danny Butcher (delisted) Brett Ebert (retired), Justin Hoskin (delisted), Darren Pfeiffer (delisted), Nick Salter (delisted), Daniel Stewart (delisted), Matt Thomas (delisted)


Draft picks: 12, 50, 68, 86, 104

In: Shaun Hampson (Carlton)

Out: Luke McGuane (walked), Shane Tuck (retired), Matt White (Port Adelaide)


Draft picks: 3, 18, 19, 95

In: Josh Bruce (GWS), Luke Delaney (North Melbourne), Billy Longer (Brisbane), Shane Savage (Hawthorn)

Out: Jason Blake (retired), Nick Dal Santo (North Melbourne), Justin Koschitzke (retired), Ben McEvoy (Hawthorn), Stephen Milne (retired)


Draft picks: 15, 32, 35, 44, 53, 71, 89, 107

In: Lance Franklin (Hawthorn)

Out: Jude Bolton (retired), Andrejs Everitt (Carlton) Martin Mattner (retired), Mitch Morton (retired), Shane Mumford (GWS), Jesse White (Collingwood)


Draft picks: 11, 31, 43, 49, 62, 80, 98

In: Xavier Ellis (Hawthorn), Elliot Yeo (Brisbane)

Out: Brad Dick (retired), Andrew Embley (retired), Ashton Hams (retired), Mark Nicoski (retired), Adam Selwood (retired), third round compensation pick for Josh Fraser (Gold Coast)


Draft picks: 4, 42, 60, 96

In: Stewart Crameri (Essendon), Sam Darley (GWS)

Out: Daniel Cross (delisted), Nick Lower (delisted), Lukas Markovic (delisted), Patrick Veszpremi (delisted)



#1. Shaun Hampson (Carlton) to Richmond for pick 28
#2. Ben McEvoy (St Kilda) to Hawthorn for pick 17 and Shane Savage
#3. Viv Michie (Fremantle) to Melbourne for pick 54
#4. Dom Tyson and pick 9 (GWS) to Melbourne for pick 2, pick 20 and pick 72
#5. Shane Mumford (Sydney) to GWS for pick 35
#6. Bernie Vince (Adelaide) to Melbourne for second-round compensation (pick 23)
#7. Pick 6 and pick 44 (West Coast) to Collingwood for pick 11, pick 31 and pick 49
#8. Jesse White (Sydney) to Collingwood for pick 44
#9. Luke Delaney (North Melbourne) to St Kilda for pick 77
#10. Pick 19 (Hawthorn) to St Kilda for pick 24 and pick 59
#11. Shaun Edwards and Kurt Aylett (GWS) to Essendon for pick 48
#12. Heath Shaw (Collingwood) to GWS for Taylor Adams
#13. Stewart Crameri (Essendon) to Western Bulldogs for pick 26
#14. Sam Docherty (Brisbane) to Carlton for pick 33
#15. Jared Polec and pick 45 (Brisbane) to Port Adelaide for pick 34; pick 14 (Port Adelaide) to GWS for pick 21; pick 22 and pick 48 (GWS) to Brisbane for pick 29
#16. Elliot Yeo (Brisbane) to West Coast for pick 28
#17. Pick 43 (West Coast) to Gold Coast for third round compensation pick for Josh Fraser
#18. Patrick Karnezis (Brisbane) to Collingwood for Jackson Paine
#19. Billy Longer and pick 48 (Brisbane) to St Kilda for pick 25 and pick 41
#20. Josh Bruce (GWS) to St Kilda for pick 48
#21. James Podsiadly (Geelong) to Adelaide for pick 64
#22. Josh Hunt (Geelong) to GWS for pick 75
#23. Paul Chapman (Geelong) to Essendon for pick 84
#24. Trent West (Geelong) to Brisbane for pick 41
#25. Scott Gumbleton (Essendon) to Fremantle for pick 55
#26. Sam Darley (GWS) to Western Bulldogs for pick 78
#27. Andrejs Everitt and pick 39 (Sydney) to Carlton for pick 32


Matt White (Richmond) to Port Adelaide
Colin Sylvia (Melbourne) to Fremantle
Eddie Betts (Carlton) to Adelaide
Lance Franklin (Hawthorn) to Sydney
Dale Thomas (Collingwood) to Carlton
Xavier Ellis (Hawthorn) to West Coast
Nick Dal Santo (St Kilda) to North Melbourne