The fantasy footy world needs to be prepared for a pretty low scoring round as we reach the final bye round of the season. This week’s missing stars include favourable captain options Dane Swan, Gary Ablett jnr, Scott Pendlebury and Brendon Goddard, as well as premium favourites Michael Hibberd, Bryce Gibbs, Heath Shaw and Dyson Heppell. This week a maximum score of 1500 could be a winning score, as it is hard to expect anything higher. The number one priority now is not to trade to field 18 players this week, but to ensure that every single trade from this moment on is well calculated and will provide great reward for the remaining 10 rounds of the season.

Byes for round 13: Adelaide, Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, GWS, Gold Coast.

With just one more bye round ahead of us until we are back to normality, now is the time to start making the changes to your team to set up a charge towards league finals and overall glory. Finding the right defender to bring into your team may be a difficult task for some coaches, but here is a form guide of classy defenders that may have slipped under the radar.

Garrick Ibbotson – Fremantle (Defender)

Games: 7

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $452,000 / $488,500

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 102.9 / 104.1

Fantasy/SuperCoach break-even: 107 / 86

There is no doubting that right now, Ibbotson is one of the most underrated defenders in fantasy footy. After seven games in 2013, he is well above his 2012 average of 69.4 Fantasy/72.6 SuperCoach points at this stage. Ibbotson would be a very handy inclusion in your back six, however he has been very inconsistent in previous weeks with Fantasy scores ranging between 65 and 136 in the past five matches and SuperCoach scores between 79 and 142. If history does in fact repeat, this week will be a low score from Ibbotson following 121 Fantasy/137 SuperCoach points last week, due to every high score being backed up by a low score since round seven.

Corey Enright – Geelong (Defender)

Games: 7

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $456,200  / $472,000

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 90.2 / 90.9

Fantasy/SuperCoach break-even: 112 / 108

It was only a couple of seasons ago that Enright was in the majority of backlines as a locked in player. This season is by no means his best after a slow start, but he is still averaging a very consistent 90.2/90.9 in Fantasy and SuperCoach respectively. With Enright a chance of reaching 100 points every week, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be considered for selection in your team, remembering that a consistent 90 is much more valuable than an inconsistent 90. In his last five matches, Enright has averaged higher with a healthy 97 Fantasy/94 SuperCoach points per round. Expect more of the same coming up from him with matches against Brisbane and Melbourne to come in the next month.

Nick Malceski – Sydney (Defender)

Games: 11

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $417,400  / $462,700

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 86.2 / 90.9

Fantasy/SuperCoach break-even: 76 / 108

If you’re a little tight on cash but feel like you are lacking an extra solid scorer in defense, Nick Malceski could be your man. The Swans’ hard nut is enjoying recent good form following Fantasy scores of 100, 102 & 97 and SuperCoach scores of 96, 118 & 103, highlighted by the fact they came against quality sides Collingwood, Essendon and Adelaide. This week Malceski faces his highest averaging opponent Port Adelaide on Saturday afternoon. Coaches that take the punt on him could very easily be rewarded with a strong performance.

Also watch out for Port Adelaide’s rebounding defender Cameron O’Shea who is currently running hot. He will be looking to back up career-best performances against the Bulldogs and GWS scoring 102 and 111 Fantasy points and 129 SuperCoach points on the weekend. Fellow defender Jasper Pittard returns from a hip flexor injury this weekend to help boost the Power’s defense. Expect both O’Shea and Pittard to alternate through the midfield on Saturday afternoon. Western Bulldogs’ defender Michael Talia also looks set to rise high in price with a break-even score of -27 Fantasy/5 SuperCoach points after coming off 106 Fantasy/94 SuperCoach points against Collingwood last weekend.

It’s also that time of year where rookie cash cows set to rise in price become wanted in order to free up some extra cash in your bank. Keep an eye out for the following players that should rise highly if they remain in their respective club’s best 22.

Blayne Wilson – West Coast (Defender)

Games: 1

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $108,500 / $115,900

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 84 / 89

Fantasy/SuperCoach break-even: 0 / 0

Wilson made an impressive debut for the Eagles against St Kilda before the bye in round 11 that included a very handy rookie fantasy score. If he can continue his good form, expect the young Eagle to rise significantly after his third match, possibly in two weeks time. Keep an eye on him at this stage, as he is looking to be a good downgrade option in defence for guys like Dean Terlich, Campbell Heath or Brent Staker if they are still hovering around on your bench.

Tom Mitchell – Sydney (Midfielder)

Games: 2

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $108,500 / $115,900

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 121 / 106.5

Fantasy/SuperCoach break-even: -171 / -141

I think everyone in the fantasy footy world can agree that if you do not have Mitchell in your team before tomorrow night’s lockout, you are simply mad. The impressive Sydney youngster has burst onto the scene scoring 98 and 144 Fantasy and 87 and 126 SuperCoach points in his first two matches. If you don’t already know, Mitchell forced his way into Sydney’s best 22 after 52 and 56 possessions back to back in the NEAFL. He is a proven ball magnet and a fantasy footy star of the future. Who knows, maybe we have the next Ablett or Swan emerging. If that isn’t enough to convince you to trade him in this week, I’m not sure what will.

Nathan Hrovat – Western Bulldogs (Midfielder)

Games: 2

Fantasy/SuperCoach price: $107,200 / $114,500

Fantasy/SuperCoach average: 67.5 / 74

Fantasy/SuperCoach break-even: -64 / -77

Hrovat’s price is certainly going to rise this week after the young Bulldog will play his third match against Richmond this weekend. Having settled into AFL nicely, Hrovat has quite a modest average but would make for solid bench cover over the next few weeks, or until another downgrade option comes along. If you are in need of a playing option to field a full team of 18 players, Horvat would be an ideal option as it provides you with a scoring player and a downgrade to make some cash to spend next week.

With Ablett and Swan out this weekend, many coaches are finding it difficult to chose a worthy captain. Remember that this round will not be overly high scoring, so choosing the right man to earn double points this week will be very important in your team’s overall score and could be the difference between a win and a loss.

The top five options for captain this week are:

5: Dustin Martin – Richmond

Martin has top scored with 144 Fantasy points twice this season and 150 SuperCoach points which came against the Bulldogs in round three this year. Martin’s high scores usually come three to four weeks apart and it has been that long since he’s posted a score that size.

4: Andrew Swallow – North Melbourne

In recent times Swallow has run riot against the Dockers, particularly the last time they met, scoring 140 Fantasy/152 SuperCoach points against them.

3: Kane Cornes – Port Adelaide

The Power’s new record games holder has the fourth highest average in both forms of the game for a player with more than eight games. His consistently solid average against Sydney has seen him rack up 100 points in both Fantasy and SuperCoach in the last four meetings against them.

2: Kieren Jack – Sydney

Sydney’s co-captain will no doubt continue his excellent consistent form of recent times against the Power this weekend. Jack has only dropped below 100 Fantasy points twice this season with scores of 99 and 59 and only three times below 100 SuperCoach points with 96, 96 and 69 points.

1: Michael Barlow – Fremantle

The is no doubting that Barlow is back to his brilliant form of 2010 that captured the football world by storm. Averaging 108.7 Fantasy points and 115 SuperCoach points this season, Barlow is the best fantasy scoring player on the field this week and should get the nod from the majority of his owners as captain this week.

Ins and outs for round 13:

In: S.Savage
Out: I.Smith (calf)

In: D.Glass, B.Waters, M.LeCras, J.Kennedy, B.Dalziell, P.McGinnity
Out: A.Selwood (back), J.Hill (hamstring), A.Hams, J.Brennan, B.Sheppard, J.Cripps

In: D.Cassisi, J.Pittard
Out: T.Boak (finger), C.Hitchcock (ankle)

In: T.Armstrong, K.Tippett, J.Lamb
Out: A.Everitt (Achilles), S.Mumford (jaw), B.Jack

In: J.Koschitzke, S.Fisher, T.Milera, T.Simpkin
Out: S.Milne, B.Maister (hamstring), A.Saad, J.Saunders

In: S.Byrnes, M.Clisby, J.Spencer, D.Nicholson
Out: M.Jamar (toe), J.McKenzie (elbow), M.Evans (foot), L.Tapscott

In: N.Hrovat, L.Hunter
Out: D.Addison, K.Stevens (shoulder)

No change

In: M.Walters, M.Taberner
Out: A.Silvagni, H.Crozier

In: L.Anthony, L.Greenwood
Out: S.McMahon (ankle), W.Sierakowski

In: J.Brown, D.Merrett, B.Moloney
Out: N.McKeever, A.Raines, R.Bewick

In: H.Taylor, T.Hunt, S.Motlop, M.Blicavs
Out: T.West (back), M.Brown, B.Smedts, J.Thurlow