Carl Dilena’s appointment as managing director and CEO for the Kangaroos ends a long search after the tumultuous resignation of former CEO Eugene Arocca in June of 2012.

Dilena was drafted with the third pick in the 1988 VFL Draft. He played 13 games for Fitzroy and 10 games for North Melbourne for a career return of 23 goals. Dilena’s AFL career may not have set the world on fire, but while playing he studied accountancy, bolstering his impressive degree in economics and commerce and then completed his master of business administration in 2004. Although only 45 years of age, Dilena has accrued a tremendous amount of business experience with multi-national companies, both locally and overseas.

An impressive business career which began in local manager roles soon progressed to global roles, with Dilena serving as the global head of tax at Colonial Limited (now Commonwealth Bank) and then to a position at KPMG which saw him liaise with both government departments and international CEO and CFOs

In 2007, Dilena renewed his relationship with North Melbourne, taking a position on the board of directors and acting as chair of North Melbourne’s audit and risk management committee and as a member of the total player payments committee.

Accustomed to leadership roles, especially in difficult economic climates, Dilena is the perfect selection to help guide North Melbourne into an era of prosperity in an ever-expanding market. Dilena is a man who has already shown a strong affiliation to the Kangaroos and a desire to be a part of the vibrant culture of the club.

As the new CEO, starting in February, Dilena will be able to bring his significant financial and business acumen to help direct North Melbourne’s finances and operational procedures into 2013 and beyond.

Despite boasting an impressive 11.17% increase in memberships in 2012, the Kangaroos will need Dilena’s significant experience and guidance to help navigate them through the crowded Melbourne AFL market, as well as turn most of their marketing opportunities in Tasmania into certainties with only remaining two years on their playing deal remaining.

As far as the behind the scenes work goes, it is a very important time in North Melbourne’s growth. As far as suitable candidates to steer the ship go, Dilena is the perfect fit.