Here is my coveted Brownlow Medal ‘Most Team Votes’ predictions. In case you missed it, I have also featured my Overall Top 10 Leaderboard.

Of course just a reminder that, whilst I’d love it if it were the case, I am not a prophet and my predictions could be prone to upsets across the board.

Also, if you are going to have a flutter on the Brownlow tonight, remember to gamble responsibly. If so, good luck, and I hope it’s an enjoyable count.

Brownlow Talk Phantom Leaderboard:

27 J. Selwood
25 G. Ablett
24 N. Fyfe
24 R. Gray
19 J. Kennedy
19 M. Priddis
18 L. Franklin
18 S. Pendlebury
18 S. Johnson
18 T. Rockliff


Too close to call here, and one I am not confident in being able to say outright who will poll the most votes at the Crows. Dangerfield is my pick purely based on his sound polling ability, but you can’t deny Thompson’s scintillating early season form, and I wouldn’t discount Rory Sloane as an outside smokey.

16 P. Dangerfield
15 S. Thompson
13 R. Sloane
5 B. Smith
5 E. Betts
5 S. Jacobs
5 T. Walker
3 B. Crouch
3 J. Jenkins
2 R. Douglas
1 T. Lynch


I expect Tom Rockliff to win this in a canter. Both he and Pearce Hanley were neck and neck in the middle part of the season until Rockliff turned on the afterburners and strung together some good performances in the second half of the season. He may poll closer to 15 votes, as I think he will struggle to poll in a couple of matches I gave him votes in which Brisbane were thumped.

18 T. Rockliff
7 P. Hanley
6 D. Zorko
6 J. Redden
3 S. Martin
2 J. Aish
1 L. Taylor
1 R. Bewick
1 R. Harwood


I am quietly confident Bryce Gibbs will poll the most for Carlton on the back of his career best season. Marc Murphy has polled poorly in the past when he was expected to take it out, so if that trend continues Kade Simpson could be his only threat… oh, and don’t discount the man wearing the number five jumper!

11 B. Gibbs
9 K. Simpson
9 M. Murphy
7 C. Judd
6 C. Yarran
4 B. Mclean
4 J. Waite
4 L. Henderson
3 A. Everitt
2 A. Walker
1 M. Watson
1 M. Robinson


This will go right down to the wire. Scott Pendlebury started like a house on fire, only to simmer out as the season went on. This coincided with the emergence of Dayne Beams putting in solid performances. The biggest 50/50 for me here.

18 S. Pendlebury
17 D. Beams
8 S. Sidebottom
6 D. Swan
4 J. Elliot
4 J. Thomas
3 T. Cloke
1 A. Fasolo
1 C. Young
1 J. White
1 T. Langdon


Dyson Heppell has been talked up in the media like nobodies business, and as a result general footy punters have been seduced into thinking he is a realistic medal chance. Whilst nothing is impossible, I just don’t see it. He has had his best season to date, however, he will struggle to poll in the first part of the season, with a majority of votes coming in the second half when he was too far behind the likes of Selwood/Ablett etc.
I am, however, confident he can poll the most votes at Essendon. David Zaharakis could surprise and poll very close to Heppell, as I am counting of Goddard’s poor polling history to count against him.

14 D. Heppell
11 D. Zaharakis
9 B. Goddard
8 J. Watson
6 J. Carlisle
4 P. Chapman
3 B. Howlett
3 B. Stanton
3 H. Hocking
3 M. Hurley
2 J. Winderlich
1 D. Myers
1 J. Merrett
1 T. Colyer


The young superstar Nat Fyfe is a lock to take out most votes at Fremantle. As for who could poll second most? It’s just too close to call.

24 N. Fyfe
13 M. Barlow
10 A. Sandilands
10 S. Hill
9 D. Mundy
8 L. Neale
6 M. Pavlich
4 H. Ballantyne
3 L. McPharlin
2 L. Spurr
1 D. Pearce


Joel Selwood win take out the most votes easily, and likewise Stevie Johnson should poll second most after starting the season in ripping form only to burn out and get suspended/injured.

27 J. Selwood
18 S. Johnson
10 J. Bartel
9 T. Hawkins
7 M. Duncan
4 S. Motlop
3 H. Taylor
3 J. Caddy
3 M. Stokes
2 J. Kelly
1 A. Christensen
1 G. Horlin-Smith

Gold Coast

Three things in life are a certainty; death, taxes and Gary Ablett polling most votes at Gold Coast. Despite getting injured in round 16, ‘Gazza’ is still a realistic chance at winning the overall medal, and I predict he will come awfully close. In fact, it still wouldn’t surprise me if he won it.

Dion Prestia should take out the second most votes at Gold Coast, but it could be prone to an upset.

25 G. Ablett
11 D. Prestia
7 H. Bennell
7 J. O’Meara
6 D. Swallow
4 T. Lynch
1 B. Matera
1 M. Rischitelli


Whilst I have Callan Ward winning rather comfortably, I have a nagging feeling it could be much closer with Adam Treloar standing out as one who could cause an upset.

12 C. Ward
8 D. Smith
7 A. Treloar
5 L. Whitfield
4 S. Mumford
4 T. Greene
2 J. Kelly
2 W. Hoskin-Elliot
1 D. Shiel
1 S. Coniglio


Much like Dyson Heppell, I wouldn’t get caught up in the hype of Jordan Lewis – which has been driven hard by the media. He has a very poor polling record, having polled only two, one and four votes over the past three seasons, with his highest being nine votes in 2008. He should take out most votes at Hawthorn, but I wouldn’t expect him to win overall.

15 J. Lewis
12 J. Roughead
11 S. Mitchell
8 L. Hodge
7 S. Burgoyne
6 C. Rioli
5 L. Breust
4 I. Smith
4 J. Gunston
3 B. Sewell
3 L. Shiels
3 W. Langford
2 B. Hill
2 J. Gibson


This will be a very close one. Nathan Jones has a fantastic polling history, so you’d think he should take out most votes, but I wouldn’t discount Dom Tyson who is a relative unknown. This could be another upset, but is only a minor chance.

13 N. Jones
11 D. Tyson
3 B. Vince
2 C. Dawes
2 J. Watts
2 J. Frawley
2 L. Dunn
2 M. Jamar

North Melbourne

Another team whose leader is not as clear as once thought. Nick Dal Santo has polled all over the shop in past seasons, having polled as high as 28 votes in 2008 to finish second, only to poll as low as one vote last season. He has he potential to topple Brent Harvey, whilst Ben Cunnington is an outside smokey.

15 B. Harvey
14 N. Dal Santo
12 B. Cunnington
8 A. Swallow
4 J. Ziebell
4 L. Greenwood
4 T. Goldstein
3 D. Petrie
3 S. Gibson
1 L. Thomas

Port Adelaide

Robbie Gray has had his best season to date and not only is he a chance at taking out the most votes at Port Adelaide, he is also a fair chance at having the Brownlow Medal draped around his neck by the conclusion of the Brownlow Count tonight.

He hasn’t polled too well in the past given a run of injuries have stalled his seasons, as well as being pigeonholed as a forward earlier in his career. This season he has taken it to another level by becoming a permanent fixture in Port’s midfield, and he should be rewarded with an avalanche of votes given his form.

Travis Boak has won the most votes in the past, and could poll better than what I have him on.

24 R. Gray
15 H. Hartlett
15 T. Boak
7 B. Ebert
6 J. Schulz
6 J. Westhoff
5 C. Wingard
5 J. Polec
4 O. Wines


Trent Cotchin is another player the umpires love to hand out votes to, having finished equal runner-up in 2012 behind Jobe Watson for the medal. He had a lopsided season after starting very slow, and only kicking into gear in the latter half.

Despite his favourable polling history, he is no certainty, with Brett Deledio and Dustin Martin in contention. Brandon Ellis is a complete unknown and could possibly pull a massive surprise given his late-season form.

16 T. Cotchin
15. B. Deledio
12 D. Martin
8 J. Riewoldt
6 B. Ellis
3 A. Miles
2 A. Rance
1 R. Conca

St Kilda

Nick Riewoldt should win this easily. Too close to call as to who finishes second.

11 N. Riewoldt
5 L. Hayes
4 L. Montagna
3 C. Jones
2 D. Armitage
2 R. Stanley
2 T. Hickey
1 J. Billings
1 L. Dunstan


Josh Kennedy was among the most consistent performers across the entire season and is right in medal contention. But having to miss the last two games of the season due to a hamstring injury may count against him, and could allow Franklin to give him a scare for Sydney’s most votes.

19 J. Kennedy
18 L. Franklin
16 L. Parker
11 D. Hannebery
9 B. McGlynn
7 K. Jack
4 J. McVeigh
3 N Malceski
2 C. Bird
1 K. Tippett
1 R. Shaw

West Coast

Another who I’m confident will win is Matthew Priddis, which is more a case of “how much by”. Too close to call for second place.

19 M. Priddis
10 J. Kennedy
8 L. Shuey
7 A. Gaff
7 M. Lecras
5 M. Rosa
5 N. Naitanui
4 C. Masten
3 D. Cox
2 S. Selwood

Western Bulldogs

Tom Liberatore should fight this out with Jack Macrae, who had a breakout season. Liberatore polled quite well in his breakout season last year, so I expect that he’ll be front and centre when it comes to the umpires handing out their votes. But I wouldn’t discount Jack Macrae.

13 T. Liberatore
10 J. Macrae
8 M. Boyd
6 S. Higgins
5 R. Griffen
3 A. Cooney
3 L. Dahlhaus
2 J. Stringer
1 S. Crameri