Yet again, the All-Australian selection panel have proven just how out of touch they are regarding the best players in the competition.

It is rapidly starting to look like said panel place the selected squad of 40 players in a hat and pick out names before blindly placing them in a position, similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Eight Bound for Glory News writers came together and submitted their All-Australian teams. As a combined effort, the players were placed in the position they were named the most amount of times. The amount of times each player was named as well as the position they were named in determined their overall position.

The following is the official 2012 All-Australian team. The number next to each name indicates how many times Bound for Glory News writers selected each player, and the bolded players are those that were selected in the official All-Australian team:

Dayne Beams – 8
Gary Ablett – 8
Jobe Watson – 8
Josh Kennedy – 8
Luke McPharlin – 8

Matthew Pavlich – 8
Stephen Milne – 8
Trent Cotchin – 8
Brett Deledio – 7
Dean Cox – 7
Grant Birchall – 7
Patrick Dangerfield – 7
Scott Thompson – 7
Ted Richards – 7
Tom Hawkins – 7
Beau Waters – 6
Dane Swan – 6

Lewis Jetta – 6
Sam Jacobs – 6
Andrew Swallow – 5
Sam Mitchell – 5
Sean Dempster – 5

Brent Reilly – 4
Darren Glass – 4

Ivan Maric – 3
Kieren Jack – 3
Jack Riewoldt – 2
Lance Franklin – 2

Taylor Walker – 2
Cyril Rioli – 1

Joel Selwood – 1
Scott Pendlebury – 1

Corey Enright – 0
Drew Petrie – 0
Eddie Betts – 0
Harry Taylor – 0
Lenny Hayes – 0
Nick Riewoldt – 0
Nic Naitanui – 0

Tom Lonergan – 0

2012 Bound for Glory News All-Australian team
B: Beau Waters – Ted Richards – Sean Dempster
HB: Brett Deledio – Luke McPharlin – Grant Birchall
C: Dayne Beams – Jobe Watson – Trent Cotchin
HF: Patrick Dangerfield – Tom Hawkins – Lewis Jetta
F: Stephen Milne – Matthew Pavlich – Lance Franklin
R: Dean Cox – Josh Kennedy – Gary Ablett
INT: Sam Jacobs – Brent Reilly – Dane Swan – Scott Thompson

2012 AFL All-Australian team
B: Sean Dempster – Luke McPharlin – Darren Glass
HB: Beau Waters – Ted Richards – Grant Birchall
C: Trent Cotchin – Jobe Watson – Dayne Beams
HF: Patrick Dangerfield – Lance Franklin – Cyril Rioli
F: Stephen Milne – Tom Hawkins – Dean Cox
R: Nic Naitanui – Scott Thompson – Gary Ablett
INT: Brett Deledio – Josh Kennedy – Scott Pendlebury – Dane Swan

You could spend hours picking out the overwhelming flaws in the AFL All-Australian team and still miss a number of them, but let’s start with arguably the biggest screw up – Nic Naitanui as the starting ruckman.

According to the BFGN team, and the majority of football lovers, Naitanui had done nowhere near enough to even be named in the All-Australian team, let alone as the starting ruckman.

It’s simply impossible to mount a case as to why Naitanui is a better ruck option than that of his selected teammate in Dean Cox, as well as the other ruckmen selected in the 40-man squad in Sam Jacobs and Ivan Maric. In fact, out of these four ruckmen, Naitanui has less hitouts, disposals and marks than all of them, even despite playing two more games than Maric, whose Richmond side did not make the finals.

Just peer in at that forward line; how in the world did Lance Franklin, who missed six home and away season games, and Dean Cox get positions up forward while Matthew Pavlich couldn’t even manage a bench spot? I believe that Pavlich’s tally of 69 goals is more than Franklin’s 63 or Cox’s 28, but feel free to double check. Matthew Pavlich and Sam Jacobs can scrap it out for the title of who was the most robbed of an All-Australian position.

Cyril Rioli continues to prove that he is the AFL’s lovechild. Apparently the odd mind-blowing performance here and there is enough to edge out Lewis Jetta, who has had an extremely consistent season. I guess the decision came down to whoever looks better on a poster – bad luck, Lewis.

To be of the belief that Scott Pendlebury is more deserving of a position, albeit on the bench, over Sam Mitchell, Andrew Swallow, Brent Reilly and Kieran Jack is laughable in itself. That’s all the addressing that issue deserves.

Chances are if you asked a handful of AFL supporters, they would say that either Jobe Watson or Gary Ablett deserve the All-Australian captaincy. Somehow, Darren Glass has been given that honour. Glad that we’ve established that when you take the second or third-best forward every week, you get to enjoy the glory more than those that rightfully deserve it.

The 2012 All-Australian team is littered with mistakes. The members of the All-Australian panel – Andrew Demetriou, Adrian Anderson, Kevin Bartlett, Luke Darcy, Danny Frawley, Gerard Healy, Glen Jakovich and Mark Ricciuto – have proven just out of touch with modern football they really are. Even more worrying, they have proven just how out of touch with the supporters they really are.

Did we really expect them to select a team that was anywhere near the mark? Not really, but to exclude some major names that should have been selected is nowhere near good enough.