When the ABC made their decision to charge AFL Tasmania more money to air the Tasmanian State League, a tax was proposed to clubs and then rejected, leading to AFL Tasmania’s severance of ties with the ABC.  Since then we have been promised forward thinking by AFL Tasmania, the exploration of other media platforms.

Since this claim, AFL Tasmania has failed to deliver. They have failed to do anything that screams ‘forward thinking’. In a digital media age, AFL Tasmania is yet to fully take advantage of the new platforms that are available to them.

AFL Tasmania has managed to create a mobile app for the TSL. Much like everything else with AFL Tasmania, the TSL app is unreliable and if you are accessing it for live scores it lags behind the play. Other sports and other football leagues have already explored live streaming, either via a live streaming site or via YouTube.

The ABC had used YouTube to post TSL videos such as Play of the Day, Mark of The Day and their highlights package. At present all that has been posted for the TSL has been a preview of the upcoming round of football.

Former Tasmanian cricketer Shaun Young was put forward to talk about the progress of the ideas that AFL Tasmania would explore to bring back coverage of football in the state. So far there has been nothing offered.

In that time two clubs have decided to leave the league, Hobart departing due to being forced into a merger with North Hobart, and South Launceston deciding they’d rather play in the Northern Tasmanian Football Association than share a license with Prospect who have been renamed as the Western Storm.

Media coverage on football in the state has declined a lot over the years. Only gaining an AFL star such as Chris Tarrant, Jason Akermanis, Matthew Lloyd or Cameron Mooney has the coverage hit half of what it used to be.

Only the Southern Football League has made use of social networking sites for main coverage of games. While AFL Tasmania has its own social media news and reports it does not live score games.

There are also highlights released from the Southern Football League done by Duff TV and published on YouTube. If the local news doesn’t cover a game of the TSL, there is usually never any coverage available.

To garner more interest the Tasmanian State League needs to have more media coverage, and it is the job of AFL Tasmania to make sure they have all of this sorted. If the people in charge of football in Tasmania cannot find a way to garner media attention and supporter interest then it will never be able to grow the Tasmanian State League and other leagues in the state.